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Let me just tell you guys that this is sorta gonna be a long journal, so prepare yourself! You don't need to read all of this, but please just read my favour! (Second paragraph)

Hallo guys C: How are you all doing? I realise it's been quite a while since I last updated this journal so let me tell you about what I've been doing for the last 4 months. I'm back in Canada now, and China was a blast! Got lots of photos of the Great Wall and stuff, and I got an awesome review from my supervisor 8D Most importantly, the biggest thing that has happened to me was that I finally got noticed/chosen as a game musician! Imagine, three years of making music and I'm finally doing something which has the potential to be big!

Now, here's the grand favour I have to ask you guys. You see, the game is still in development. We're a bunch of newbies, really, and we realise that this project can't be completed in a few months. The music department (another musician and myself) and the art department is doing good, but the coding and 3D model department really need some backup. So, here's my plea to you guys: if anyone knows, or if you know someone who knows how to use Blender, Maya or Unity for 3D Modeling, and/or anyone who is familiar with C# language and Unity for Coding then please drop me a note or comment on this journal, and we can talk. This is a purely voluntary position, so there is no wages. Because of this, your skills don't have to be super professional, just pretty good (Although, if you're a pro willing to work for free then please, go right ahead and note me X3). Other positions we have are concept artists, but we really, urgently need coders and modelers. 

A little bit of a downside, finals are coming up and I haven't exactly studied. The course material is easy, though, and I managed to get 91% for one midterm without much effort owo I also haven't secured a job for my next work term yet, but I've applied for tutor and lab assistant positions with my upgraded resume and cover letter from a critique session, so hopefully things will fall into place. That's about it on my end. Tell me what's new with you guys ^^ 

On a side note, I want to apologise to you guys for... I dunno. Not commenting on your work and things. Earlier, I had more free time, but it seems now that commenting is literally something that takes away from my studies and projects. And yes, it's easy to say: "Good job." and leave it at that, but I'd rather leave a nice, meaningful comment for you. Also, I really don't like fave bombing. I prefer to save faves for things I especially like. Things that deserve a comment and something extra. I also want to apologise for making that fake promise way back in China, about the journal features. Again, time slipped from me as I got absorbed into work and things. It seems university's done that, and I need to learn how to manage my time properly and incorporate work and internet effectively (spoken like a true adult... flip I'm getting old. .w.).

I still have a lot to do (mainly study for finals and get those 80s and 90s) so I won't be active much. I'll still be on my Skype, but I won't talk much, just until late April or May, when I've settled into work/home and have a lot of time to myself. In fact, let me just jot down a quick list of things I have to be on top of:

1. Study for Finals (end 16 April. MUST get those 80s and 90s. 70% is unacceptable :iconlemongrabplz: )
2. Music for ARVEN92 for her audio comic. (3 songs due mid April. Have to make time for these during or after finals XD)
3. Voice Auditions for ARVEN92 (due mid April)
4. Music for Game mentioned above (I'll be uploading some of these soon. Just need to finish them, and right now they're all WIPs. 20+ songs due by the end of this year.) 
5. Music for BrokenHeartz10 (For her upcoming RPG game, Night Orchid. 10+ songs due later in Summer)
6. Voice Acting auditions for animaldeathnote (due January next year, but I'd like to get them done sooner. It's a lot of lines o: )
7. Piano timing Tutorials for Maya-ch9n and everyone else who's interested.
(If I owe you something, don't be afraid to tell me!) 

Lastly, Angariika was gracious enough to tag me twice. Twice. Thank you so much. :3 Since I really should be getting to study, I'm not gonna tag people back. You're tagged if you want to steal this <3 

Since both tags are the same, it'll be a little bit of a different layout. 

1. You must posts these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.
6. Not something like "you are tagged if you read that".
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8. No tag-backs.
9. You can't say that you don't do tags.10. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual Entry. Fucktherules ;D I'm just doing the questions since technically, they're stuff about me. 

1. What do you consider to be lovely?
I find game music to be lovely. My dog is lovely. My mom and dad're lovely... a lot of things are lovely. My weird animal noises too!

2. What would you make a significant sacrifice for?
Again, quite a lot of things, the well being of this world, the life of my friends and family, a chance to time travel. It's gotta be something big, though.

3. Is there anything you'd pledge your life, honor and fortune to?
By this, do you mean throw myself at their feet and be literally devote all time in my life towards someone? If so, then no. Although I care for people, I'd rather not be bound to someone, I'd end up hating them because of the lack of space I'd have. owo

4. Have you experienced something dark in your life that's caused you to feel depressed?
I've experienced dark things but never once did I feel truly depressed. I always found a way to move on, somehow.

5. What's your prospective on religion and how it's shaped the world?
Toughie here... I think it's done a lot of good and a lot of bad as well. The extremists are the ones who misshape the world, and they misrepresent the ones who engage in religious practice for their own spiritual sake. I mean, religion provides some sort of commonality between people together, no? It also gives them something to hold onto, when they have nothing else to believe in.

6. How're you in general?
Tired and pressured mostly, but hey! Other than that, I'm doing really good and always manage to smile daily ^^

7. Do you believe in the magic of holidays?
No. Ever since university hit, this has been one thing that's been drained out of me. I really don't believe in "holidays" anymore, and to me, they're just days off where I can chill.

8. Have you ever wondered what everyone's thought about, be it towards you or something you've done before?
Plenty of times. In fact, even now, I'm wondering what you guys will think of this journal. XP

9. Are you a cat or dog person?
Both, I love felines and canines <3

10. Are you a humanz?
Hueheuheuhe no I'm totes Sunny the Cheetur aka brown jesus

11. What would you consider your most prized possession/treasure?
Nothing. Nothing at all. I mean, everything I have: I can always get a new one if it breaks or if it's stolen. I don't really 'own' family and I don't get attached to materialistic things. o: 

12. When you look out into the world, do you see trees, rocks and clouds or do you notice something more, beyond the average thoughts of humans?
Sometimes. I try to see beyond what's normal. Once, I did see a shadow person, and I've tried astral projection, even getting stuck in this blank phase where I didn't dream, I was fully conscious and time seemed to go faster. I also see those little spots and swirls which trip your eyes out when you just stare into space ;D

13. Have you ever considered returning to the past to change something, making it different?
Nope. If I changed something, I wouldn't be who I am today. I might have a lot of flaws, but working on them is going to make me a stronger person who can advise others on how to do the same ^^

14. Would you ever sell yourself out for another, depending on who that person is?
Depends on what you mean by 'sell out', and also the situation. If I have the secret recipe for immortality and some dude comes along and offers me a million bucks to sell it to him so he can use it alongside me to take over the world, then no. I would also not sell myself out artistically. You can take your pr0nz and shove it up somewhere moist and magical hueheuheu >P However, if someone close was in danger, and all possible loopholes are impossible to go through, then I would let him have it. But after the deal, I'd somehow cheat my way out of it >B3

15. It may sound peculiar but would you take a bullet for a stranger you haven't met nor knew about until that shot was fired at them?
Probably! It really depends where I am and where they are. I mean, if I'm miles away and I see someone shooting them, there's no possible way I can save them unless I have teleporting powers. However, if the stranger is right by me, and there's a gunman shooting at him, I would probably shove him/her aside out of panic. I'd be sure to position myself so I'd get away with a major injury rather than a shot to the head or chest, though.

16. If you've ever had a dream, one you feel as if you can achieve, would you mind enlightening me?
I dream of changing lives for the better. Whether it's my making people laugh with a silly voice in a cartoon, or perhaps making music which people can enjoy in a game, or even designing a new chemical/industrial process which is beneficial to society, I feel as though I would work to be achieve that. And yes, I realise that some people do enjoy my art, but I'm talking about a larger scale ;D It'll be a lot of work and effort, but I want to do that, and my drive will make me do it.

17. Has there been anyone in your life who you've leaned yourself against as support?
Definitely my mother. She and I share the same heart and she offers me good advice and comfort, but I rarely lean on her now. I feel as though I've grown less attached to people, and I've learnt to tackle on problems on my own.

18. If you could become anything you wanted, a person, a place or a thing, what would you become?
Hmmm, if this magic spell worked temporarily, it would be awesome to be a light ray, maybe an electron... a cheetah would be cool, maybe a mushroom spore too. MAYBE JAPAN AND CHINA. Gah, too many things. I think I'd just be a Randy with nature powers. c:

19. If you were born different from everyone else, what do you believe you'd feel? Meaning, if you were disabled in any way, how would you view the world through your emotions?
Assuming I'd still be the same person I am now, I'd first be a little distraught. I'd feel hurt, like life was unfair (yup, I was a really sensitive kid XP). But as I grew up, I would find a way to make light of it, and I'd try and make the most of what I did have ^^ 

20. Do you believe I got a tad personal in these questions?
Not at all! They're actually really interesting C: Butittookmesofreakinglong ;-;

DOOOONE 8D Now time to be university's bitch and slave away at the books. Flies off into the sunset biologically <3

Have a nice day guys. See you soon! c: 


Master of Random
Note: I really don't like llama badges. Please don't give them to me? If you want one, just ask!

Greetings, my minions and people who happen to come across this page! I think it's time I update this "about me as an artist" section, so here goes!

Hai! My name is Randy, well not really. My real name is more exotic, but Randy or Random would do just fine! I am an amateur photographer who focuses mainly on natural landscapes and ruins and such. Really anything except people shots. The same can be said about my artwork: you'll find a few humans here and there, but I hardly draw them! Heck, I hardly draw at all!

As well as being a photographer, I also aspire to become a "hobbyist" musician and voice actor. That is, music-making and voice acting on the side of my main profession. I'm currently teaching myself digital composition on Anvil Studio, and I've already made some progress, but usually I play on an arranger keyboard, so it's not quite as high quality as you'd expect it to be when you digitalise it. As for voice over work, I have an insane range (no, literally: insane. I don't know HOW I do some of the voices I do...).

You'd most likely find clean art and non-mushy-gushy-stuff floating around my gallery (Booooo). I write a little as well: songs, poems, and stories, and right now I'm formulating the plot for an epic adventure story inspired by the many RPGs I've played.

Well, that's just about it! It's very nice to meet you all, and I thank you for visiting my page! If you want to borrow my voice or what musical skill I have, don't be afraid to ask! ^^

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